Khyrstine Food and Company

It’s been a while I started to post some of my  work for the year 2011.  This is the first one, Khyrstine Food and Company is local sea food restaurant located in Butuan City, Philippines where they let the customer catches there own meal and serve it on your table. A fisherman experience + good variety sea foods = a delicious and affordable meal. The restaurant is known for milk fish dishes. Here are the identity design I made and mock set up for visual presentation. Enjoy!

Painting Exhibit Poster Design

Painting Exhibit Poster

TYPO+IMAGE+SATURATION = CONCEPT. I guess I nail the concept part but doing the typeface is hard and tiring it almost eat my time! Hahaha! I’m glad and satisfied. I hope my artist friend will approve this poster (crossing my fingers because he is so picky).  About the exhibit he is doing portraiture right now exhibit it local gallery but you can check some of his work here Congrats and until next time my friend! Hoping we can have group show together. Cheers guys! Enjoy and feel free to comment! :)

Mock design for coffeeshop website

This mock design for coffeshop website

The design describes a texture background, fun illustrated button, and trendy look. However, it still suggests the serious and well-established coffee company with out being boring.  This is mock design and subject for revision upon clients approval.

3 Stooges Shirt Illustration

Raw Sketch

photoshop trace

I started this month with a rawrrrr… My first attempt to post my shirt illustration in THREADLESS, EMPTEES & TEE FURY. The illustration is experimental but the concept is to give tribute to the gang of laughter, the famous classic comedy, The Three stooges (Moe, Larry, and Shemp) set against a Dali’s surrealist background.  Later on, I will be posting the color rendition and variation. Enjoy! Email me!

Circolo Mandolinistico Flora Poster

I made design poster study for the Annual 45th Circolo Mandolinistico Flora which held in Japan. The basic concept is minimal, elegant and simple by playing with the text and image and an usual mood for concerto. (This is only study the actual poster is protected by the rights and subject for clients approval.)

Circolo Mandolinistico Flora Poster

Here is the larger view of the poster. Enjoy and Email me!